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Neuro News

Novel Approaches to Early Intervention in Alzheimer's

UCSD's Comprehensive Alzheimer's Program tackles clinical trials to improve memory and slow progression of AD.

Chronic Stress and Alzheimer's Disease

A new study led by Robert Rissman, assistant professor of neurosciences, shows that chronic stress spawns protein aggregates linked to AD in mice.

Genetic Mechanisms Discovered in Autism

A study led by Eric Courchesne finds dysregulation in pathways that govern brain development of the prefrontal cortex in young patients with autism.

UCSD One of First to Use Viral Vector to Treat Brain Cancer

Clinical trial at Moores Cancer Center uses Toca 511 to treat recurrent tumors.


Faculty members join Chair William Mobley to discuss advances in research, care and teaching.
Shauna Yuan on Stem Cell Research Update
Robert Leshner on Pediatric Neuromuscular Disease
David Croteau on HIV and Neurological Disorders
Lawrence Goldstein on Advances in Stem Cell Research
John Ravits on Treating ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease
Don Cleveland, Albert La Spada, John Ravits, and Lawrence Goldstein on ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease: Advances in Research and Treatment
Albert La Spada on Research on Motor Neuron Disease
Michael Rafii discusses his work with memory disorders and Alzheimer's Disease
Leena Kansal on new developments in epilepsy treatment
Takaki Komiyama on microcircuit dynamics in behavior and learning
Andrew Huberman discusses his research using genetics to understand how we see.
Mark Tuszynski and Steve Wagner on closing the translation gap between research and treatment
Brett Meyer on stroke research and telemedicine
Subhojit Roy on the cell biology and pathology of neurodegenerative diseases
Clinical Professor Mark Kritchevsky, former Chief Resident Jay Varma, and Residency Director Pat Delaney on innovations in education
Ron Ellis on the neurology of HIV
Paul Aisen on changing the treatment landscape for Alzheimers Disease
Ed Koo on cells and the Alzheimers brain
David Kleinfeld on studying neuronal communication
Santosh Kesari on understanding and treating brain tumors
Joe Gleeson on causes and treatments of genetic brain diseases
Jim Brewer on diagnosing Alzheimers disease in the early stages
Founding Professor Robert Galambos: profile of a neuroscience pioneer, who passed away in June 2010
Erik Viirre on causes and treatments of inner ear disorders, including vertigo and tinnitus
Doris Trauner on disorders of brain development
Steve Wagner on new findings in Down syndrome and Alzheimers disease
Bob Carter on integrating surgery and neuroscience
Bob Carter and Santosh Kesari on the new Brain Tumor Program
Eric Courchesne and Karen Pierce on advances in autism screening and Treatment

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Neurosciences Assistant Professor Andrew Huberman has joined a consortium of glaucoma researchers called "Catalyst for the Cure" sponsored by the Glaucoma Research Foundation. Find out more and watch a video.

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